What to Expect in a Corporate Apartment

Increasingly, people are seeking corporate apartments Mobile AL is no different, as a growing number of individuals are moving to the city to take advantage of the fast-growing economy and job prospects. What exactly is a corporate apartment? Different individuals will ascribe different meanings to the term. Usually, such an apartment is a furnished one that is on short-term rental, for a period of approximately 30 days. There is much more to the term, however. Here we will discuss some of the elements of corporate apartments.

Usually, the rental of corporate apartments includes the costs for and provision of utilities, furniture and housewares items. Additionally, the apartment is expected to provide linen and even electronic elements such as television. Essentially, the apartment should mirror that which an individual would get if they had checked into a good hotel. The exception is,however that a fully-serviced kitchen is also expected to be provided. The person who is renting should be able to move in immediately, and comfortably.

A full-service kitchen would mean that at the very least, a microwave should be provided, in addition to a stove and kitchen. Dinnerware items, inclusive of glasses, dishtowels and clothes should also be provided. A toasterand coffee-maker should also be available for use.

For the living room, the corporate apartment should include a sofa, coffee table(s), television, with cable, and also lamps. Access to a telephone should be provided as well. Though the cost of utilities is included in the rental agreement for a corporate apartment, there may be occasions where the phone use will be at a separate cost.

Bedrooms should include linen and at least two pillows. In most corporate apartments, one will also find an alarm clock. Telephone access may be provided in the bedroom. A trash can or wastebasket should be included in all rooms as well. Some bedrooms will also come with a television set, and possibly a DVD player. A working iron and an ironing board should also be made available. One would expect the bedroom to be fully furnished, including at the very least, a double bed, night stand, a closet and a dresser that includes a mirror.

In the bathroom, shower curtains, bath towels are a must. A wastebasket should be placed in the toilet. In most instances, at least two sets of each item will be provided when moving into a corporate apartment.

Nowadays one will find that corporate apartments also include washing machines and dryers, and cleaning elements such as a vacuum cleaner. The renter can make arrangements with the landlord to have toiletries and cleaning agents provided as well. Usually, these are not at an additional cost. In some instances, cleaning services, such as the provision of a paid will be offered. Such services are likely to attract a fee. Corporate clients should make sure that they receive a list of all the items that will be provided prior to signing the agreement. Negotiate where necessary, and seek another apartment if you are not comfortable. Ensure that you are receiving value for money.