Homelessness on the Decline in Mobile AL

Residents of Mobile will be pleased to know that homelessness is on the decline in the city. As the location continues to develop and grow, the news that homelessness has fallen more than 20 percent since 2014 is a welcome one. Some will argue. However, that is a 20 percentage drop in the statistics is not necessarily sustainable. Because upon displacement many persons will be unable to afford corporate apartments, Mobile AL has been doing an excellent job in reducing homelessness.

One of the reasons for the decreased level of homelessness in Mobile is the fact that the city’s housing authority has been doing an excellent job through the provision of transitional spaces and emergency shelters. This, in addition to stronger coordinating mechanisms with other agencies who have an interest in reducing homelessness, has meant that far fewer persons now call the streets their home. More effort needs to be made towards further strengthening these coordinating mechanisms, towards ensuring sustainability.

Additionally, the increasingly strengthened economy has meant that more persons have jobs and are less likely to become homeless. The city named in national publications as one of the most resilient cities in the country to economic shocks. The city is certainly being reflected in the fact that an increasing number of residents are becoming self-sufficient and, for this reason,can afford housing. The reputable Mobile education system is also producing qualified residents, who possess the skills and qualifications necessary to land and keep jobs. With the continued infusion of cohorts of educated citizens, the economy is likely to continue its upward growth trajectory. Thegrowth argues well for further decreases in the rate of homelessness.

Unfortunately, though the decline in the rate of homelessness is one to be celebrated, the statistics does indicate some worrying trends. For one, more children have been found to be homeless. Theissue is related to the fact that more families are homeless when compared to 2014, even though the overall rate of homelessness has decreased. With rising costs of rent in some locations, there is the possibility that this situation exacerbates.

Through greater coordination, and effort at a community level, the decrease in homelessness can be continued and sustained. The provision of more transitional homes, as has been done in Limestone County, has the potential to eradicate homelessness. There is also the need to change perceptions regarding homelessness. Persons become homeless for a number of reasons. Some have been displaced by fire and other damage to their homes. It is not always easy for these individuals to find accommodation after tragedy, and many end up on the street, as a result. If community members can assist where possible in ensuring a smooth transition, homelessness may further decrease.

Many will assert that the problem of homelessness is not one that is insurmountable. Mobile has demonstrated that with some effort, decreases are possible. Even greater effort is now necessary, in order to ensure that the reduction can be sustained.