Author: Joseph Lamas

How much credit to consider if the loan is sufficiently adaptable

What you should consider with how much credit Most importantly. that the loan can be repaid in monthly installments that are not too high. It is much easier for you if there is enough money left over from your income for other important things. The key to financing is low interest rates and good conditions. Read More

Mortgage or loan debt consolidation with the bank.

Having the pulse of your debt exposure can be very complicated. Not surprisingly, very often it can happen that there is a need to pay off the previous loans to bring everything together in a single loan. This option offered by banks is called debt consolidation and allows, in fact, to extinguish previous loans contracted Read More

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness.

Many people in Germany live on the subsistence minimum, second jobs have to be accepted so that an acceptable livelihood is guaranteed at all. But even people with only a small income are always in the abyss with one leg. When these people experience something unexpected that far exceeds their financial means, they often think Read More

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