Agreement Signed to Build New Factory in Mobile, Alabama

Dubbed one of the biggest little cities in the entire United States, Mobile is poised for even greater growth. The City Council has approved plans for Polaris to construct a $142 million dollar factory in Limestone County. The vehicle company is expected to employ over 1700 persons. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2015, and completion is set for 2016. Polaris has assured the City Council that minimum wage will be $18.

There is some concern that Polaris will only transfer some of its 7000 employees worldwide to Mobile, as opposed to hiring the city’s residents. The organization has committed to ensuring that as far as possible, Mobile residents will be employed on the site. It is useful to note that Limestone and surrounding counties have a number of available corporate apartments Mobile AL. For this reason poised for economic development and has the accommodation you will require should you need to relocate to the area.

Polaris will benefit from a number of tax breaks, including exemption from sales tax, excepting the education portion. Additionally, the city will provide a reprieve on non-education property. The state of Alabama has committed over $80 million to the project. Some of this amount will go towards construction costs while another portion will be used to offset costs associated with recruitment of employees.

Polaris is also set to benefit from incentives from Limestone County. The county will reimburse up to $1 million of the costs associated with office and training space. The construction of the factory is certainly a major coup for the city, which has been said to have not offered the best set of incentives of all the sites scouted by Polaris. Irrespective of this, the company is scheduled to benefit from waivers of building and grading permit, which is rarely done in Mobile, Alabama.

The new factory means a lot for the city. At the very least, the education sector will need to consider how it is that they are preparing the workforce for employment in this, and other developments that are being considered. Additionally, the city now has to approach the construction of new roads with alacrity and urgency, in order to ensure connectivity to services.

Mobile has been emerging as more than just a site for space technology. The construction of this new factory is a testament to that. The city’s residents will certainly look forward to more developments while remaining hopeful that such events do not come at a social cost. The increasing cost of living in Mobile is one primaryconcern of many residents. Additionally, many question the wisdom of, and transparency involved in the granting of waivers and incentives to Polaris. The Mayor and other city leaders, however, remain optimistic that the Polaris factory will bring a windfall of economic and other benefits to Mobile. It will not be long, however, that construction will begin, and at the very least, residents can look forward to employment opportunities.