Why Should You Choose Corporate Housing?

When you have a big need for part time housing, corporate housing is a good way to go. Corporate housing will appeal to a number of individuals, particularly those who are looking for quick and readily available housing solutions. A corporate apartment can be considered to be a home away from home, as it will give you with most, if not all of the amenities that one would expect to be present in their home.

Business travellers, in particular, are likely to choose corporate apartments Mobile AL has a number of business travellers, partly due to the burgeoning economy. As the economy continues to grow and diversify, it is expected that a number of business travellers will increasingly require housing solutions for short-term rental.

Homeowners, who have been displaced for whatever reason, are also likely to consider renting corporate apartments or houses. While awaiting repairs to damaged homes, the corporate home provides a worthwhile alternative. If your home is insured, a lot of times, the insurance company will move your family into a corporate apartment. Though these temporary spaces cannot adequately replicate the comforts that you are used to at home, they do come quite close.

Looking to vacation in Mobile? The corporate apartment is again a useful option to consider. Similarly, if you are moving for short term employment, you will not have to concern yourself with the purchasing of furniture, and dealing with utilities separate from your rent. It is a simple alternative, and you will be likely to enjoy thecomfort. At the same time, corporate housing will provide you with more benefits and can come in at lessprice than if you occupy a hotel room.

The flexibility of corporate housing is essential to consider. The cost is, however, one of the main things that prospective tenants will think regarding it. The cost usually determined by the length of stay and the number of bedrooms that will be required. The amenities to be included in corporate housing are not always up to standard though it expects that one should have access to the comforts of home. The type of, and quality of items provided may impact on the cost of the apartment. Also, one has to consider the site of the studio. Cost will vary depending on the area in which the apartment is located.

As noted, the cost for the corporate apartment may work out to be lower than the price for a hotel room. During that time, however, you will get a bit more privacy, and you will also have access to a kitchen. The kitchen will most likely include a stove, refrigerator, microwave, dinnerware and more. There is also the distinct possibility that your company can be directly billed for the rental of the apartment if necessary. For these reasons, renting a corporate apartment is a very good choice if it is that you are a business traveller, displaced homeowner or even a vacationer requiring a short-term housing solution.

What to Expect in a Corporate Apartment

Increasingly, people are seeking corporate apartments Mobile AL is no different, as a growing number of individuals are moving to the city to take advantage of the fast-growing economy and job prospects. What exactly is a corporate apartment? Different individuals will ascribe different meanings to the term. Usually, such an apartment is a furnished one that is on short-term rental, for a period of approximately 30 days. There is much more to the term, however. Here we will discuss some of the elements of corporate apartments.

Usually, the rental of corporate apartments includes the costs for and provision of utilities, furniture and housewares items. Additionally, the apartment is expected to provide linen and even electronic elements such as television. Essentially, the apartment should mirror that which an individual would get if they had checked into a good hotel. The exception is,however that a fully-serviced kitchen is also expected to be provided. The person who is renting should be able to move in immediately, and comfortably.

A full-service kitchen would mean that at the very least, a microwave should be provided, in addition to a stove and kitchen. Dinnerware items, inclusive of glasses, dishtowels and clothes should also be provided. A toasterand coffee-maker should also be available for use.

For the living room, the corporate apartment should include a sofa, coffee table(s), television, with cable, and also lamps. Access to a telephone should be provided as well. Though the cost of utilities is included in the rental agreement for a corporate apartment, there may be occasions where the phone use will be at a separate cost.

Bedrooms should include linen and at least two pillows. In most corporate apartments, one will also find an alarm clock. Telephone access may be provided in the bedroom. A trash can or wastebasket should be included in all rooms as well. Some bedrooms will also come with a television set, and possibly a DVD player. A working iron and an ironing board should also be made available. One would expect the bedroom to be fully furnished, including at the very least, a double bed, night stand, a closet and a dresser that includes a mirror.

In the bathroom, shower curtains, bath towels are a must. A wastebasket should be placed in the toilet. In most instances, at least two sets of each item will be provided when moving into a corporate apartment.

Nowadays one will find that corporate apartments also include washing machines and dryers, and cleaning elements such as a vacuum cleaner. The renter can make arrangements with the landlord to have toiletries and cleaning agents provided as well. Usually, these are not at an additional cost. In some instances, cleaning services, such as the provision of a paid will be offered. Such services are likely to attract a fee. Corporate clients should make sure that they receive a list of all the items that will be provided prior to signing the agreement. Negotiate where necessary, and seek another apartment if you are not comfortable. Ensure that you are receiving value for money.

Huntsville to Welcome Slide the City

You need to slide into the city of Mobile in September! The renowned franchise- Slide the City has been thrilling persons across the United States and is set to be in the city later this year. It is an excellent time to make your bookings for your corporate apartments Mobile AL is the place to be!

Though the details are sketchy, most reports suggest that the slide will be set up on Church Street in downtown Mobile. Slide the City promises a 1000 feet slide, of pure and unadulterated fun. The event also includes live music, food and drinks, in addition to one of, if not the longest slide in the world. The day is not just for adults looking to relive their youth. It is for the entire family and promises to be nothing but fun for all. Bear in mind though that anyone under 18 years old will need parental permission in order to go down the slide.

The cost for a single slide is projected to be about $15. There is also the possibility of paying for three slides, which comes at a cost of $30. For $50, you should be able to get unlimited slides. Look out for early bird specials so you can take advantage of discounts that will undoubtedly become available.

Of course, you do not have to slide. Just being present is an event in itself. Once you give permission, you can feel comfortable just watching your children slide while you enjoy the festivities that will be happening all around you. But why would you not want to push? Traverse the length of almost three football fields and have the time of your life on the padded and sweet slide.

Mobile is lucky to have Slide the City passing through this year. This has been enough to get other Alabama cities such as Birmingham jealous. Such is the anticipation for Slide the City. Roman, who has been a Mobile resident for almost 20 years, says, “I cannot adequately explain how excited I am. The issue is one of the greatest things to happen to the city since I have been here.”

Bring your water buckets, squirters and floating devices. Of course, you should not leave home without a positive countenance and good vibes! You must predict the unpredictable, and make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity. With city confirmations being so competitive, there is no guarantee that Slide the City will be in a location near you anytime soon.

Take the advice of 20-year-old Jerry, who participated in Slide the City – Tallahassee. According to Jerry, “I have been to three Slides the City events and the experiences are unexplainable. There is so much entertainmentfor extra enjoyment for those who love to have fun. If you do not enjoy yourself, chances are, something is wrong with you.” Get registered for Slide the City! More details on the event should likely be forthcoming soon. The city of Mobile waits with bated breath.

Homelessness on the Decline in Mobile AL

Residents of Mobile will be pleased to know that homelessness is on the decline in the city. As the location continues to develop and grow, the news that homelessness has fallen more than 20 percent since 2014 is a welcome one. Some will argue. However, that is a 20 percentage drop in the statistics is not necessarily sustainable. Because upon displacement many persons will be unable to afford corporate apartments, Mobile AL has been doing an excellent job in reducing homelessness.

One of the reasons for the decreased level of homelessness in Mobile is the fact that the city’s housing authority has been doing an excellent job through the provision of transitional spaces and emergency shelters. This, in addition to stronger coordinating mechanisms with other agencies who have an interest in reducing homelessness, has meant that far fewer persons now call the streets their home. More effort needs to be made towards further strengthening these coordinating mechanisms, towards ensuring sustainability.

Additionally, the increasingly strengthened economy has meant that more persons have jobs and are less likely to become homeless. The city named in national publications as one of the most resilient cities in the country to economic shocks. The city is certainly being reflected in the fact that an increasing number of residents are becoming self-sufficient and, for this reason,can afford housing. The reputable Mobile education system is also producing qualified residents, who possess the skills and qualifications necessary to land and keep jobs. With the continued infusion of cohorts of educated citizens, the economy is likely to continue its upward growth trajectory. Thegrowth argues well for further decreases in the rate of homelessness.

Unfortunately, though the decline in the rate of homelessness is one to be celebrated, the statistics does indicate some worrying trends. For one, more children have been found to be homeless. Theissue is related to the fact that more families are homeless when compared to 2014, even though the overall rate of homelessness has decreased. With rising costs of rent in some locations, there is the possibility that this situation exacerbates.

Through greater coordination, and effort at a community level, the decrease in homelessness can be continued and sustained. The provision of more transitional homes, as has been done in Limestone County, has the potential to eradicate homelessness. There is also the need to change perceptions regarding homelessness. Persons become homeless for a number of reasons. Some have been displaced by fire and other damage to their homes. It is not always easy for these individuals to find accommodation after tragedy, and many end up on the street, as a result. If community members can assist where possible in ensuring a smooth transition, homelessness may further decrease.

Many will assert that the problem of homelessness is not one that is insurmountable. Mobile has demonstrated that with some effort, decreases are possible. Even greater effort is now necessary, in order to ensure that the reduction can be sustained.

Agreement Signed to Build New Factory in Mobile, Alabama

Dubbed one of the biggest little cities in the entire United States, Mobile is poised for even greater growth. The City Council has approved plans for Polaris to construct a $142 million dollar factory in Limestone County. The vehicle company is expected to employ over 1700 persons. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2015, and completion is set for 2016. Polaris has assured the City Council that minimum wage will be $18.

There is some concern that Polaris will only transfer some of its 7000 employees worldwide to Mobile, as opposed to hiring the city’s residents. The organization has committed to ensuring that as far as possible, Mobile residents will be employed on the site. It is useful to note that Limestone and surrounding counties have a number of available corporate apartments Mobile AL. For this reason poised for economic development and has the accommodation you will require should you need to relocate to the area.

Polaris will benefit from a number of tax breaks, including exemption from sales tax, excepting the education portion. Additionally, the city will provide a reprieve on non-education property. The state of Alabama has committed over $80 million to the project. Some of this amount will go towards construction costs while another portion will be used to offset costs associated with recruitment of employees.

Polaris is also set to benefit from incentives from Limestone County. The county will reimburse up to $1 million of the costs associated with office and training space. The construction of the factory is certainly a major coup for the city, which has been said to have not offered the best set of incentives of all the sites scouted by Polaris. Irrespective of this, the company is scheduled to benefit from waivers of building and grading permit, which is rarely done in Mobile, Alabama.

The new factory means a lot for the city. At the very least, the education sector will need to consider how it is that they are preparing the workforce for employment in this, and other developments that are being considered. Additionally, the city now has to approach the construction of new roads with alacrity and urgency, in order to ensure connectivity to services.

Mobile has been emerging as more than just a site for space technology. The construction of this new factory is a testament to that. The city’s residents will certainly look forward to more developments while remaining hopeful that such events do not come at a social cost. The increasing cost of living in Mobile is one primaryconcern of many residents. Additionally, many question the wisdom of, and transparency involved in the granting of waivers and incentives to Polaris. The Mayor and other city leaders, however, remain optimistic that the Polaris factory will bring a windfall of economic and other benefits to Mobile. It will not be long, however, that construction will begin, and at the very least, residents can look forward to employment opportunities.